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Marketing support

Marketing support

The NEOMID brand is actively promoting in the market, providing information and marketing support to clients and partners:

  • Printing (advertising and souvenir) products.
  • Assistance in holding special promotions and events aimed at improving sales.
  • Outdoor advertising (banners, streamers, billboards, etc.) - according to the concluded Agreement.
  • Conducting joint advertising campaigns.
  • Provision of commercial equipment.
  • The possibility of joint participation in exhibitions.

Sheds for productsBranded wooden rackDemo sample NEOMID Sealant etcDemo samples

We can organize support for regular customers on regional TV and radio. The costs of both parties by agreement. We are always ready to post your contact information on the official website of NEOMID products.

Marketing support of the NEOMID trademark

  1. Outdoor advertising: banners, stickers in the subway, advertising on transport.

    Advertising posters

  2. Promotional handouts at points of sale: catalogs, brochures, information leaflets, matches.

    Catalog, bookletMatches treated with NEOMID fire retardant protection 1 group to demonstrate the properties of the product

  3. Decoration of points of sale: paint, pockets, shelf talkers, coin holders, banners, posters, video instructions on monitors, branded racks.

    Coin-holder, stickers on the door "pull", "push"Advertising wobbler, shelf talker, booklet pocket

4. Souvenir products: daily planners, pens, flash drives, kubariks, notepads, calendars, folders for papers, plastic bags, monoclips.

5. Print media:

  • Advertising modules in thematic publications.
  • PR support.
  • Image and information articles.

6. Advertising on television and radio:

  • Placement of commercials in thematic programs on federal TV channels.

7. Online promotion:

  • Official website of the NEOMID trademark (placement of contact information).
  • Contextual advertising on thematic sites.
  • Display advertising on forums, portals and trading platforms, etc.

8. Additional promotion:

  • Seminars for sellers (visit of a specialist technologist).
  • Learning materials.
  • Presentations.
  • Branded clothing: baseball caps and T-shirts.
  • Participation in exhibitions of regional and international level (MosBuild, KyivBuild, "Wooden House Building", etc.).
  • Participation in social programs and charity events.
  • Sales promotion: annual competition for the best sales manager with valuable prizes.

ATTENTION: An order for advertising support can be placed with your personal manager.

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