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Research laboratory

Research laboratory

We are confident that the quality of our products is the key to the success of any company. We are assured of high quality standards by having our own research center, which consists of several laboratories:

  • Microbiological.

  • Chemical.

  • Quality control laboratories.

  • Research and development laboratory.

Annual fluctuations in weather conditions, changing strains of harmful mold and wood-destroying fungi - all this poses a real threat to construction in general and can impede the safety of building materials in particular.

The continuity of laboratory research allows us not only to maintain the high efficiency of professional NEOMID compounds, but also to release new products for the market that can protect building materials and finished structures from the destructive effects of changing external factors.

By joint efforts of specialists from research laboratories, promising biocides (substances designed to combat harmful, including disease-causing, organisms) are determined.

Microbiologists daily examine harmful microorganisms for resistance, determining the most effective proportions and components of formulations that help prevent growth and destroy unfriendly crops. For this, various strains of molds are cultivated. Prototypes are collected throughout Russia and the former Soviet republics. That is why the compositions under the TM NEOMID are highly effective in various geographic zones and climatic conditions.

In the chemical laboratory, the final proportions of the formulations are determined and the components are tested for compatibility. They are completely compatible with each other and give a powerful synergistic effect, ensuring the maximum effectiveness of NEOMID formulations.

The compatibility of the components of not only a separate composition, but also all NEOMID preparations with each other is tested.

Chemical compatibility of all NEOMID products is an important part of the comprehensive approach to protection program implemented by TM NEOMID and which you can find in the recommendations for each of the products on the website.

Each batch of NEOMID products undergoes final testing in quality control laboratories. The quality control level meets the requirements of regulatory documents governing the methods of inspection of objects and materials.

The continuity of laboratory research, supported by qualified employees, allows us to effectively contribute to the protection of materials and finished structures by releasing high-tech products under the TM NEOMID.

NEOMID - professional, and most importantly, guaranteed quality in every product!

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