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About us

Construction chemicals under the trademark NEOMID are produced by the same name NEOMID Group of companies - trading and manufacturing enterprise with own production facilities, laboratory complex, office and storage premises with total area over 11 000 m2 in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

The company's portfolio includes more than 1100 SKU of paints and protective agents for successful construction, renovation and repair works, namely: wood preservatives, intumescent compounds, varnishes, paints, transparent wood paints, removers, base coatings, fillers, adhesives, mastics, as well as products protecting building materials and structures from biocontamination and atmospheric precipitation.

History of NEOMID brand goes back to 2005 when an enterprise, specializing in manufacturing of protective compounds for timber exporters and wood industry companies was established. The products have stood the test of time, have been highly appreciated by professional users, and after a short while have become available to a wide range of consumers and gained popularity among the public. NEOMID today is an innovative company manufacturing a wide range of high-quality compounds in accordance with international production standards. A multistage system of internal technical supervision of product manufacturing process ensures continuous quality level of NEOMID compounds. 15 000 tons of agents are produced annually.

As of today, the sales territory extends from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok embracing all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as certain countries of near and far abroad (in alphabetical order): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Moldavia, Mongolia, Serbia and Ukraine.

For more than 10 years we have been a reliable supplier and partner of the leading federal and regional DIY retail networks (in alphabetical order): Auсhan, Baucenter, Catorama, Leroy Merlin, OBI, Maxidom, Petrovich, Start, Vimos, as well as of dealers and distributors throughout the whole sales territory. NEOMID products are represented in famous online shops: Ozon, WildBerries, Beru! (Yandex).

Specialized NEOMID compounds are used by enterprises of the following industries:

- pulp and paper industry;

- paint-and-varnish industry;

- metalworking industry;

- tanning industry;

- household chemicals industry.

NEOMID products are actively promoted throughout the territory of distribution by means of federal and regional media: television, Internet, outdoor advertising, print media, point-of-sale equipment, promotional and informational materials.

During the entire existence of the company, we have been paying particular attention to quality issues: advanced management system is applied in practice, manufacturing sites are equipped with modern equipment, quality control is performed at all production stages.

We consider our mission of a manufacturer of construction and household chemicals in creating professional, safe for humans and the environment compounds. We are committed to compliance with environmental standards at our production facilities.

NEOMID employees are the company’s greatest asset. Altogether, we are a team of like-minded persons and true experts in our field.

Own microbiological, chemical and quality control laboratories, as well as R&D unit coupled with constant investment in innovative products creation and employees’ professionalism enable us to manufacture and increase the product range with demanded and competitive chemicals to carry out construction and renovation at a completely new level. Every year our company successfully passes various audits of the leading DIY retailers, thus reaffirming our status of a reliable supplier. Order performance index is particularly telling and is between 99,2-99,8%.

NEOMID builds a culture of Corporate Social responsibility by taking part in various federal and regional charity events with a strong commitment to address the challenges of public importance and environmental safety.

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