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The NEOMID brand invites dealers and partners to mutually beneficial cooperation in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation and countries of far and near abroad. As one of the leaders in the construction chemistry market, we offer you a high-quality, in-demand product in your company's portfolio, which has been highly appreciated by professionals and ordinary users for 10 years. We provide our partners with a number of advantages:

  • Purchase of products with high margins;

  • Providing additional discounts from wholesale prices based on work results;

  • Providing a choice of warehouse for receiving products in St. Petersburg or Moscow;

  • Active information and marketing support of the brand in all types of media;

  • Personnel training, consulting and information support;

  • Special prices for exhibition samples;

  • Advertising and informational support of products;

  • Conducting joint advertising events in the cities of Dealers;

  • Prompt informing about stocks and pricing policy;

  • Invitation to training seminars on the company's products.

We highly value our Partners, offer everyone a targeted approach and help expand your business with us. Thus, each of you, becoming our partner, acquires a new cost-effective resource for the development, support and reliability of your business. Among the most demanded and sold items in the assortment of the NEOMID trademark are:

  1. A complex of compounds for the protection and restoration of wood: antiseptics for external and internal work, fire-retardant compositions of the highest (first) and basic (second group) fire retardant efficiency, a series of natural oils for decorative processing and wood protection, special impregnation for protecting the ends of wood, transport antiseptics, preservatives, etc.

  2. A series of preparations for finishing wood: acrylic varnishes, alkyd-urethane varnishes, decorative glazing compositions.

  3. Professional primers of all types: primer-moisture insulator, primer concrete-contact, primer on old paint, impregnating primer.

  4. A full range of compounds for cleaning and protecting mineral surfaces: preparations for removing and protecting against mold, rust remover, moisture insulators, water repellents, cement plaque cleaner, gypsum and lime contamination, etc.

  5. Adhesives: environmentally friendly construction adhesives, mastic.

  6. Professional acrylic sealants for wood and mineral surfaces.

  7. A line of products for baths and saunas: environmentally friendly antiseptics, acrylic varnishes and natural wood protection oil.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of products in the PRODUCT CATALOG.

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